Report Writing

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Contrary to popular belief, a report doesn’t have to be dull and uninspiring. With the right wording and the creation of actionable data, we can help simplify your decision-making process and drive your brand forward as a whole.

At Content Wizards, we believe there is no such thing as a dull sentence, no matter if you are reading a blog post or a comprehensive sustainability report. We will transform even the most rudimentary of reports into structured, interesting, and immersive texts that will allow you to focus and keep the creative juices flowing. Yes, even on a Friday afternoon.

We’ll achieve this by:

  • Conducting research via interviews (Video Chat, Phone)
  • Building an efficient and effective report structure
  • Crafting reports for main site as well as auxiliary sites
  • Creating GRI-compliant reports per your request
  • Writing reports for every audience type (decision-makers, employees, clients, press, and more)

Think your reports could use a little pzazz?