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We are a creative duo of storytellers who believe that words are, in fact, actions. Our specialties include content, brand voice, and copywriting, but our passion is creating magic out of the ordinary.

If you want to make a difference, provoke, thrill, or encourage, we can help you define your truth and give it your own voice. Because in our book, being true to yourself is not a privilege, but a priority.

What we do

Brand Identity

At the beginning of your journey, it’s crucial to identify your mission, vision, purpose, and your goals. Then again, even veteran brands sometimes need to refresh their selfhood. We can help you find the right language to define your brand’s essence.

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Brand Tone of Voice

Are you quirky? Sassy? Clever and concise? Let your overarching tone of voice make some noise, and help you bond with your audience. While we’re at it, let’s set up a workshop (or several) to guide your new and versed team members to get a fair grasp of your brand.

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Personal Branding

Building a reputation is difficult enough on its own, let alone if you’re not a wordsmith by nature. We can help you carve out your spellbinding presence in this noisy world of ours.

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Website and Digital Copywriting

Every word is a vital piece of your brand puzzle, and there is no room for dry phrases and repetitive structures. We will build your website copy from the ground up with engaging language, with your SEO needs in mind, to keep your search engines and your readers happy.

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Blog and Content Writing

Stories are living, breathing entities, hence the need to keep producing authentic content in line with your brand. Whether you need blog posts, scripts for your videos or text for your infographics, or anything in between, we have you covered.

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Social Media Voice

Brewing your own social media concoction means pouring your most ingenious tidbits of thinking into an already crowded realm. We will make sure that your social snippets resonate with your audience, inspire some buzz, and spark reactions.

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Advertising Creation

Advertising is your gateway to the world, a chance for your brand to reach the hearts and minds of your audience. Let’s separate your stories from the noise and help you enchant the public with creativity, context, and relevance.

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Marketing Collateral

In an online world, it’s hard to think that a flyer or a brochure could rival the power and potential of digital tools. Yet, they offer a level of intimacy every brand needs to have with its loyal followers – so let’s spark a deeper relationship between you and your community the old fashioned way.

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Report Writing

Contrary to popular belief, a report doesn’t have to be dull and uninspiring. With the right wording and the creation of actionable data, we can help simplify your decision-making process and drive your brand forward as a whole.

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Our formula for Success

While we do treat every brand as a unique creature that it is, we have also devised a system that strikes the perfect balance between structure and flexibility for all our collaborations.

1. Share your needs

Let us know how we can help. Once you share your needs, we can give you a rough estimate of the scope of work for our project.

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2. Discovery

If we’ve agreed that we’re the right match for you (yay!), it’s time to go over those most essential details of your brand, even if it’s just a rough sketch of your future business, or a complete brand book with all of your finest spells.

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3. Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s

We will deliver an estimate of our scope of work and wait for your sign-off.

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4. Wands at the ready

Once we have all the assignments, milestones, deadlines, and expectations defined, it’s time to move on to the fun part – the actual incantations!

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5. Fine-tuning

Stories sometimes need refining, and we are always prepared to review and revise if needed.

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The best part about working with Sara and Nikola was that I could always count on them – they understood their assignments and tasks well and quickly and consistently delivered great writing on time. This was especially important with demanding clients such as Zepter International and MediGroup. These are people you can count on!

We tried many content writers before eventually finding Nikola. His articles were always well written and on time. Highly recommended.

“We go way back with Sara and Nikola – to this date our agency had them working on a number of different projects and clients. We were always delighted with the quality of work, meaningful and to the point content, on time and very professional. True talents, who deliver on time and as agreed. We cannot be happier to have found them.”

Have an idea? Let’s do something great together!