Marketing Collateral

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In an online world, it’s hard to think that a flyer or a brochure could rival the power and potential of digital tools. Yet, they offer a level of intimacy every brand needs to have with its loyal followers – so let’s spark a deeper relationship between you and your community the old fashioned way.

Local businesses thrive on word-of-mouth marketing and a more personal approach to brand-consumer communication. While your clients are awaiting in the foyer, why not share with them some of the most relevant aspects of your business, your services and products, and your process? It’s this kind of educational aspect that will help you improve your brand identity in the local market.

We can help your brand stand out by creating relevant, engaging, and consumer-oriented content through the following services:

  • Press releases
  • Copywriting for brochures, product catalogs, etc
  • Copywriting for magazines
  • Media kit creation
  • Copy for corporate profiles including teams and individuals
  • Capability statements tailored for your audience
  • Complete EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) copywriting
  • Copywriting for personal and corporate letters

Do you want to engage with your local demographic?