The Wizards

About us

We are a creative duo of storytellers who believe that words are, in fact, actions. Our specialties include content, brand voice, and copywriting, but our passion is creating magic out of the ordinary.

If you want to make a difference, provoke, thrill, or encourage, we can help you define your truth and give it your own voice. Because in our book, being true to yourself is not a privilege, but a priority.

Meet the Wizards


With a passion for literature and a love of poetry, Sara is an innately creative soul. Her decade-long experience in branding and content creation has taught her to channel her talents and combine practical knowledge with unhindered imagination. The result is a deeply emotional approach to every project, a process in which she becomes a part of a company in order to create a brand with a soul, and a purpose.

This wizard doesn’t just cast her spells to enchant the audience, but also inspire and motivate the employee collective – from the receptionist to the CEO. Sara uses her creativity to forge an emotional connection between the brand and its followers, between the company and its employees, as she knows that an authentic identity is the brand’s most powerful guardian of its values and its truth.


Nikola is a seasoned brand developer, a writer, and a storyteller. Over the last decade, he’s worked on various marketing, branding and copywriting projects – crafting plans and strategies, writing creative online and offline content, and making ideas happen. His impeccable aptitude for language paired with his inquisitive spirit enable him to deliver and over-deliver in every one of his collaborations.

An adventurous wizard in every way, shape and form. With his love of the creative process and his warm yet professional communication with clients, all the way to his unique concoction of experience and talent, he doesn’t play with smoke or mirrors. Instead, his magic is purposeful and effective, with a distinct hint of showmanship.

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