Our Formula for Success

While we do treat every brand as a unique creature that it is, we have also devised a system that strikes the perfect balance between structure and flexibility for all our collaborations.

This simple approach is the lifeblood of our wizardry, and it’s what helps us write stirring, captivating stories. It’s also vital in managing expectations, eliminating time-wasters, meeting deadlines, and helping all those involved achieve their goals. In short, this is how we work:

1. Share your needs

Let us know how we can help. Once you share your needs, we can give you a rough estimate of the scope of work for our project.  A heads up: we will do a bit of our own research and provide some feedback immediately upon contact. We’re curious and we like to keep things proactive. With our additional suggestions, you’ll have a more detailed overview of your brand’s needs.

2. Discovery

If we’ve agreed that we’re the right match for you (yay!), it’s time to go over those most essential details of your brand, even if it’s just a rough sketch of your future business, or a complete brand book with all of your finest spells. We’ll use the shared material and your existing presence to create a more detailed offer for you. We might use a detailed questionnaire, a few introductory interviews, and other discovery methods to be able to refine the project.

3. Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s

We will deliver an estimate of our scope of work and wait for your sign-off. At this point, we will gladly hear your input if you have any added ideas before we finalize the project.

4. Wands at the ready

Once we have all the assignments, milestones, deadlines, and expectations defined, it’s time to move on to the fun part – the actual incantations! Of course, we will keep in touch on a regular basis, to let you know of our progress and to make sure you are happy with our work.

5. Fine-tuning

Stories sometimes need refining, and we are always prepared to review and revise if needed. We can make adjustments per your request, up to two editing sessions will be covered by the original project fee.